July 11, 2016

Ritz Paris Is Back - And More Oppulent than Ever

I am not one who believes you need a reason to visit Paris... because it's Paris! But for those of you who need some enticing the Ritz Paris has officially reopened its doors! The hotel shuttered in August 2012 to undergo a $450 million renovation. Now four years later the famed hotel is back in business and taking reservations.

The former home of Coco Chanel has returned with all its ritzy, decadent glory. Book a stay in the namesake suite at the hotel of the late fashion designer, starting at a cool €25,000 a night. (Yikes!)

But don't fret! Not all the suites will cost you the price of a new car. Rooms start at €1,400... which yes is a ridiculous amount of money for a hotel room. For the 99% the Ritz Paris would be a huge, massive, save for years splurge and most likely a once in a life time stay. But isn't that what life is for?!

I'll start stacking my pennies now and hopefully be there in the next five years. I'll probably dedicate two or three days of my Parisian adventure to exploring the hotel and spending hours on end in the parlor, bar and swimming pool. Who knows maybe Mom will get lucky for her 60th birthday. For that much money you better see every square inch.

Here's to big ritzy dreams! Check out the Ritz website for more images of the magnificent rooms. Take a peak and try to convince me you haven't added it to your bucket list. Au revoir!

Images via The New York Times.

I could spend all day in here.
I don't fancy tea, but I would suffer it to spend an afternoon in the parlor.
They might never get me to leave. 


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