August 19, 2016

Converse's Auckland Modern: The Hip Sneaker No One Has

When people think of Converse the first thing that pops into everyone's mind is the Chuck Taylor All Star, secondly the Jack Purcell. Recently I learned about another Converse sneaker the Auckland.

Introduced at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics (how topical!), this style has been around for over three decades and to my knowledge completely under the radar. Marketed as a running shoe the Auckland was introduced by Converse after running took off as a fitness hobby in the early 80s. A trivia tidbit for you: recreational running was started in Auckland, New Zealand (I see what you did there Converse).

A few weeks ago Converse released a new look for the Auckland, the Auckland Modern. And while I don't look to Converse for a reliable pair of running shoes, I need these right now. This is a case of style over function.

I'm calling it right now: this shoe will be the alternative to the Nike Flyknits that everyone and their mom is wearing. It has the same great style but for now you'll be sporting the look all by yourself. I can already picture the black / white pair worn with my distressed black jeans and striped J.Crew tee for my days around town. I think that qualifies it as a well thought out purchase right!? I agree.