I'm Blonde, and I have my hands in a little bit of everything. I love high fashion, and I love power tools. I love painting my nails, and I love being outdoors. I’m not afraid of the word eclectic. I think it sums me up nicely.

I live in the glorious city of Chicago where our amazing summers make the brutal winters tolerable. While Chicago owns my soul I will forever be running to new places hoping to never run out adventures. The world is large and I intend to see it all.

This blog is a glimpse into the things in life that make me happy and sated. You'll find a little bit of DIY, a dash of fashion, a sprinkle of food, a whole lot of beautiful... and a lot of impulse! I see it, I gotta have it! This is my attempt for a life rich in experience and happiness. Go see beautiful things, have beautiful things, be beautiful.

Live dammit. You only get to do it once.